Examples & Documentation

Welcome to this quick and easy demonstration of TMAP. Just paste a maximum of 15,000 SMILES (one per line) into the textarea below and click "Submit". All molecules will be encoded using MHFP. If you don't have any data at hand but would still like the try tmap, you can load some example data.

If you would like to visualize more than 15,000 molecules, please run TMAP on your local machine (How-To) or contact us.

You just entered data with more than one value per SMILES. Please provide a name for each of the series (one per line). In case you pasted or entered data with a header row, please click "Extract Header".

Extract Header

The default fingerprint is MHFP6. If you would like to choose another fingerprint please select below.

You may choose a different colormap for your plots.



Point Shape

Point Size

Let the algorithm infer the point size by leaving the value 0.

Examples of the colormaps can be found here.


Creating TMAP...